Academic Research

We are an international-leading centre of excellence in the study of business excellence and innovation. Our academic research, teaching and engagement activities are built on many years of expertise and we create economic impact by translating our knowledge base and innovation through industry engagement, knowledge transfer and collaborative R&D towards developing practical and absorbable research orientated research solutions.

Within the past four years, RIKON has developed and delivered innovation and business development research services and solutions for over 400 companies across a range of industries including Manufacturing, IT and Digital Media, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Retail, IT, Tourism, Financial and Service Providers.
Having participated in Interreg, FP6, FP7, and H2020, RIKON an established research support infrastructure to provide administrative and financial supports required for efficient engagement and delivery ofd large scale, collaborative research projects. In addition, our researchers produce leading research, with peer reviewed academic projects and outputs published in leading journals and disseminated at conferences world-wide.

We focus on the following key themes:


Innovation Management as a driver of competitiveness is about more than just planning new business models, products, services, brand extensions, or technology inventions. It’s about imagining, mobilizing, and competing in new ways

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Effective knowledge management is the driver for innovation. Products, Services and business models are becoming ‘smarter’ and more knowledge and data-driven.

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Operational excellence involves making continuous improvements to a company in order to maximise value for the customer as well as developing a competitive advantage for the company.

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Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships in order to leverage the collective resources of the network for enhanced competitive advantage

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