Better understanding of customer segments leads to a creation of competitive advantage. Case Study

Company Background

Nutriscience LogoNutriScience was established in 1999 to develop and manufacture nutraceuticals for animal health. The company is based in Waterford, Ireland and has won several business and innovation awards since its inception. NutriScience exports to 15 countries around the globe and continues to expand on a yearly basis.

The Challenge

NutriScience’s product/ service range is spread across the equine, greyhound and small animal markets. While this differentiation has served them well, their business model was long overdue examination by experts who could advise the company on how to redesign their model and customer journey in the context of creating an integrated approach to their marketplace.

The key challenge that NutriScience faced was a lack of knowledge of their end user since their routes to market were wholly dependent on distributors. This sales structure could potentially affect future product-development decisions as well as making it difficult to inform marketing campaigns and manage long-term customer relationships.

RIKON’S Assistance:

This project was approached in accordance with RIKON’s bespoke Innovation Process comprising of five phases:

Explore: Existing business model interrogated, and as-is customer journey was mapped out

Reframe:  Analysis of the key challenges facing the company leading to the insight that the company needed to get closer to its customers.

Ideate/Visualise: Development of possible solutions to the identified challenges. Solutions were mapped to create a to-be customer journey that would bring the end-user closer to NutriScience.

Strategise: Presentation of the final report and findings. In particular, focusing on developing long-term customer relationships and creating a Pull sales strategy from the customer to the products.

The Solution

RIKON conducted extensive research to facilitate the development of a new and enhanced customer journey for NutriScience customers. Together with the management of NutriScience, the team at RIKON developed a strategic action plan, which provided the company with a practical set of recommendations in the field of CRM, digital channels and value propositions.

Benefits for NutriScience Ltd.

The outcome of the project was that NutriScience could reach and engage with new and existing consumers in a more innovative way than they had done before, and enhance their customer relationship management capabilities for improved market reach and profitability. The company also gained capability to exploit untapped revenue generation possibilities by developing pull strategies that will drive the customer to seek the product from suppliers, reversing the traditional reliance on the distributor channel.

Michael Healy from NutriScience…

“We found the whole process extremely detailed and informative and more importantly RIKON provided us with a practical action plan for us to engage with. The whole project was very enlightening and professional with a superb end result for us to move forward with.”

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