Our core mission at RIKON is to deliver a real impact to industry, society and the wider community. We pride ourselves on fostering a reputation for delivering translational research to our stakeholders. As a hybrid research centre between academia and practice and between business and technology, our research groups have a strongly embedded research culture connected to the real world and focused on the challenges faced by industry, policy and community at regional, national and international levels.


Innovation Voucher

Industry Engagement

RIKON is actively involved in applying its knowledge across a wide range of sectors through its research and business constancy activities, its Enterprise Academy with over 300 free tools, blogs, clinics and funding sources.

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Business Impact

Fact: 100% of companies stated that RIKON helped their company grow.

Fact: 94% of companies increased their market reach.

Fact: 78% increased revenue through new business models.

Fact: 89% reported that brand equity grew as a result of engagement.

RIKON has engaged over a 1000 companies and we take pride in delivering real impact to our customers. See what our customers have listed as impacts from interacting with us.

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Research Impact

RIKON is in the business of transformation and our research groups bring together the research excellence of academics who are leaders in their field and who are applying the latest thinking to real world issues.¬† ‚ÄčOur strategy is to conduct excellent research that provides the basis for achieving science-based impact within the business community.


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Over the years, RIKON has received both academic and industry acknowledgement for the work that we do in reimaging how businesses do business better.

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