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Delivering translational and transformational learning through interdisciplinary research that challenges current business assumptions to incubate and innovate the future


We are an international-leading centre of innovation in the study of business technology management. Our academic research, teaching and engagement activities are built on many years of expertise and we create economic impact by translating our knowledge base and innovation through industry engagement, knowledge transfer and collaborative R&D towards developing practical and absorbable research orientated research solutions.

The RIKON Centre has four research Academy’s specialising in Innovation Management, Lean, Tourism & Rural Development and Marketing and Digital Transformation. The Centre builds upon a decade of research excellence supported by over €8million in competitive national and international research funding.

Our 50-strong researcher community undertake cutting edge research that produces leading research, with peer reviewed academic projects and outputs published in leading journals and disseminated at conferences world-wide. In addition, researchers are constantly being sought as knowledge domain experts and as speakers at national and international conferences and industry events.

Having participated in Interreg, FP6, FP7, and H2020, RIKON has an established research support infrastructure to provide administrative and financial supports required for efficient engagement and delivery of large scale, collaborative research projects.

A key aspect of RIKONs research is the translational innovation agenda for industry. RIKON has developed and delivered innovation and business development research services and solutions for over 1000 companies across a range of industries including Manufacturing, IT and Digital Media, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Retail, IT, Tourism, Financial and Services Providers.

If you are thinking about completing a PhD, you can find a supervisor here at our Doctoral School.

If you’re looking to partner with RIKON on a national or international research project, or utilise our research services in a project, please click here

Academy of Applied Management and Innovation

Innovation Management as a driver of competitiveness is about more than just planning new business models, products, services, brand extensions, or technology inventions. It’s about imagining, mobilizing, and competing in new ways

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The Academy brings together industry, policy and academia to develop high quality and actionable research that advances the literature on lean thinking and practice, and that can be applied within public and private organisations and across all services and manufacturing sectors to enable and sustain lean enterprise excellence.

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TRD has gained an international reputation for its pioneering research activities in tourism and rural development that has delivered a real translational impact to industry.

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The MDT Academy is a major contributor to the growth and development of marketing practice in Ireland through practice minded research committed to the creation and diffusion of new marketing knowledge by building a critical mass of world-class researchers that advances the extant body of research by conducting, advancing, and disseminating pioneering research in marketing

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