Developing a leadership position for Ireland in international tourism and rural development research and innovation

The Academy of Tourism & Rural Development is led by Dr. Felicity Kelliher and Dr. Leana Reinl, and through its activities in research, management education, industry collaboration and international research networks, the Academy has developed a critical mass of world-class researchers and practitioners that have the knowledge required for the enhanced competitiveness, productivity and entrepreneurship of the Irish tourism and rural development sectors. The Academy focuses on the interface between industry best practices and research with the aim of providing the knowledge and insight which will enable Irish tourism and rural development communities respond effectively to a new consumer driven landscape. Through merging traditional training foci with an action orientated network learning environment, the applied research expertise within TRD has being deployed in a range of contexts, including but not limited to: Fáilte Ireland’s Tourism Learning Networks, rural learning networks, and destination management contexts.

“Our mission is to be the leading Academy in stimulating cutting edge research and practice in tourism, hospitality and rural development. We want individuals to experience business success, and we will do this by actively supporting research and knowledge development within the sector and through our network.  Through our work, we will bring national and international academics and entrepreneurs together, and become a focal point for developing national tourism and rural development entrepreneurial activities.”

The objectives of the Academy

Academic Research

Utilising the Irish and International tourism and rural development landscape as a laboratory, the Academy of Tourism & Rural Development at RIKON, South East Technological University, undertakes pioneering research into industry relevant issues

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Applied Research

RIKON’s Academy of Tourism and Rural Development has gained a national and international reputation for its activities in tourism research and practice and can offer a unique combination of tourism destination expertise and business development know-how to deliver a strategic tourism framework that direct efforts towards real solutions that have had a tangible positive impact on the performance of destinations and the businesses within it.

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Strategic Destination Management Planning Model

THE Academy has developed an innovative strategic Destination Management Planning Model and methodology process which is rooted in RIKON’s extensive experience in destination research, partnerships and collaborations with policy makers and academic research professionals. This model has been extensively used in destinations for maximum success

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14th Annual Tourism & Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference

NOTE THE DATE: June 18th & 19th 2018

The 14th Annual Tourism & Hospitability Research in Ireland Conference will be held in Waterford Institute of Technology on June 18th & 18th 2018

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SPIRE 18: Pilgrimage and the Evolution of Spiritual Tourism

NOTE THE DATE: March 9th 2018

The SPIRE 2018 Conference will be held in Waterford Institute of Technology on June 9th

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