Welcome to the Academy of Applied Management and Innovation

We seek to strengthen and further expand our position as a global research leader in innovation by being committed to providing novel and pioneering research that surpass the expectations of our academic and industry partners by creating, incubating and delivering the future. The cluster for Business Innovation is an international cluster of excellence in innovation and conducts pioneering research that influences academic study, policy and practice through the creation of evidence based tools, processes, models and strategic frameworks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of innovative practices within organisations.

The clusters evidence based research activity is organised in to the following four research thematics:

Innovation RIKONBusiness Innovation & Management Capabilities:

Our research aims to contribute to management practice with new theories, methodologies and understanding of dynamic organsiational capabilities that are capable of sustain long term growth and profitability by creating organisations that are innovative. Our research focuses in the following area:

Business Model Innovation:

In our Business Model Lab, our research focus is on the design, development and implementation of innovative market and business models to deliver a competitive advantage for organisations. Specifically, we conduct research on:

Service Design and Innovation:

Members of the cluster conduct research on the theory, tools, techniques and process for designing, prototyping and implementing new and innovative services and experiences for organisations in both the services and manufacturing industries. Our research focuses on a deep understanding of various aspects of service innovation such as:

Marketing Practice:

Cluster members are major contributors to the growth and development of marketing practice in Ireland through practice minded research committed to the creation and diffusion of new marketing knowledge through research activities in:


Research Cluster Lead: Dr. Patrick Lynch