The RIKON Doctoral School

Located in the School of Business at South East Technological University, The RIKON Doctoral School aims to develop the next generation of business researchers by training PhD candidates to conduct research that is scientifically excellent and relevant to business. In RIKON, we will provide you with the supports you need to become a world class researcher such as research skills and techniques, understanding the research environment, research management, publishing, personal effectiveness, communication skills, networking and team working, and career management.

RIKON prides itself as a student centric research destination – interacting, communicating, and supporting each of its research students on a one-to-one basis whilst ensuring the student completes their PhD projects on time.  We are a collective of individuals passionate about learning through research about business phenomena that is related to the student’s own interests and that of their supervisors.

If you are interested in doing a PhD, talk to our Doctoral Officer today:

Dr. Felicity Kelliher

Email: [email protected]

Ph. ++353 (0)51

Why Choose RIKON?

RIKON is Ireland’s largest business research centre engaging in pioneering research and developing innovative solutions that have a real impact in the business world whilst providing career-focused learning opportunities for our research graduates

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Your Doctoral Journey at RIKON

Your PhD journey is a structured programme of research that includes a set of activities designed to support you as a doctoral candidate in developing transversal and domain-specific knowledge and skills that may be directly applied in the context of your research work and future career.

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Application Process for a PhD in RIKON

The Doctoral application process for Funded and Non-Funded research projects is detailed in clear manner

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Doctoral Opportunities in RIKON

RIKON will place funded and non-funded research postgraduate opportunities here.

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Practical Info & Useful Links

Undertaking a doctorate is a big decision and to aid you in this process we have put together some practical information and useful links to help you in your decision making process about doing a doctorate in RIKON

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Current Doctoral Canditates

RIKON has a number of doctoral candidates across its four research academies. Check out the their research projects here

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