Application Process for a PhD in RIKON

Before Applying

We strongly advise you to make contact with our Doctoral Officer or a potential research supervisor in RIKON to ensure that your project idea is aligned to our research interests and that we have the capacity to supervise you and the facilities for you to carry out the research. Our Doctoral Officer and Research supervisors are always happy to provide you with this advice.

Prospective candidates are also advised to check out our Doctorial Opportunities where RIKON Research Supervisors advertise funded and non-funded research projects and provide descriptions of the research projects that are off interest to them.

Academic requirements

Applicants require an honours level degree (NFQ level 8) with a minimum of a 2.H2 (second class honours, grade 2) before being considered for a PhD or research masters in RIKON.

Applying for a funded Doctoral Programme

Applicants for funded Research Postgraduate programmes at RIKON must apply directly to Waterford Institute of Technology Postgraduate Admissions Office by submitting the completed Funded Research Application Form and sending it to [email protected]

Further information and details regarding funded Research Postgraduate programmes and scholarships that are available in RIKON can be found on here on our Doctoral Opportunities page.

Useful Guide: Application_Procedures_for_Funded_PG_Research_Programmes_201819

Applying for Non-Funded Doctoral Programmes

Applications for non-funded Research Postgraduate Programmes at RIKON must be made online through the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) at

The PAC online application system allows applicants, for a fee of €50, to apply for up to four courses at Waterford Institute of Technology. Course selection can be from any of our PhD and Research Masters. The fee is paid directly to PAC.

Once you know which area or topic you wish to research, you then need to discuss this with one or more potential supervisors. Applicants must have discussed their prospective research with a proposed Supervisor prior to applying and a research proposal will be submitted with your application.

Further information and details regarding Non-funded Research Postgraduate Projects that are available in RIKON can be found on here on our Doctoral Opportunities page.

Useful Guide:  PAC_Application_Procedures_for_Non-Funded_PG_Research_Programmes_201819

Application Enclosures

You will be asked to provide information on your personal details and your academic background.

You will be asked to upload a pdf/scanned version of the following documents:

  • Official transcripts of degree and gradesfrom all academic institutions of higher education. If an applicant previously completed a programme at WIT, these transcripts must also be uploaded.
  • A copy of your original passport (For International Students only).
  • For Non-Funded Applications your research proposal must be uploaded.
  • Any supplementary forms requested.

Applicants are advised to read the application procedure and following the instructions provided.