Business Consultancy

RIKON is different because our people think differently. We are a hybrid of business strategists, technologists and design thinkers who transform the way organisations develop their services, processes, and strategies. Our BizTech strategists work with companies to help them create new business or re-imagine how they do business better. Our business consultants will identify your most critical issues and opportunities and deliver tailored insights and practical actions rather than off-the-shelf solutions. Our unique approach to consultancy has achieved results for firms across all industries – Technology, Engineering, Pharma, Energy, Tourism, Retail & Distribution, eCommerce, Healthcare, Professional Services and Telecommunications.

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RIKON can help you:

✔    Create a growth strategy for your business to ensure sustainability going forward
✔    Innovate and redefine your business model for profitability
✔    Maximise technology investment to drive business growth
✔    Develop IT vision, strategies and governance models
✔    Design and Simulate process improvements
✔    Remove complexity and cost triggers
✔    Optimise the process efficiency of the business
✔    Design innovative services for the needs of your customers
✔    Differentiate your offerings from competitors
✔    Develop actionable market strategies and plans for execution to maximise the full potential of your marketplace
✔    Improve your customer relationship management capability to maximise profitability
✔    Increase revenue and margin growth

Strategy and Business Model Innovation

RIKON is focused on helping clients across all sectors create, redesign and optimise their business models and to develop solid strategies around them.

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Operational Excellence

RIKON’s process improvement experts assist with identifying the changes required to enhance operations and facilitate the process of change within a company.

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Digital Transformation

RIKON provides a range of services including online channel reviews, customer engagement and internationalisation strategies and we liaise with third party developers to ensure our clients get the maximum return on investment.

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Marketing and Service Design

The ever-changing marketing landscape can prove daunting for businesses with limited budget and resources. RIKON can help identify which channels best suit your company and provide results in areas such as delivery of targeted traffic, nurturing of relevant leads and the development of inbound marketing strategies



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RIKON combines our management consulting expertise with our technical knowledge to assist internal company teams in maximising their technology investment to drive business growth and create more efficient processes for enhanced productivity.

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Process Engineering and Simulation

At RIKON, we will create a realistic virtual representation of a system, either existing or planned to test what-if scenarios to establish the optimum process intervention that will most effectively reduce waste and create a process that adds value to your customer.

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