Process Engineering and Simulation

Process Engineering and Simulation together provides our clients with the ability to experiment with different processes improvement options to optimize the existing production line for maximum output. The application of Digital Software Tools such as Discrete Event Simulation will predict how a process will behave in the future following a proposed change improvement. By having a diverse team of process, simulation, and statistical consultants, we have the integrated capability to provide you with the answers you need to drive process improvement and performance.


Process Engineering | RIKON

At RIKON, we will create a realistic virtual representation of a system, either existing or planned to test what-if scenarios to establish the optimum process intervention that will most effectively reduce waste and create a process that adds value to your customer. Because it is in a virtual world, companies can truly experiment, visualise and evaluate the impact analysis of different scenarios prior to implementation.

At RIKON we understand the complexity of continuous process improvement. Our strategists will work with your process improvement leads in the analysis and re/design of workflows to optimize end-to-end processes and reduce non-value-added tasks within your company.

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