Engaging With Us

RIKON is an applied research centre and our researchers are continuously working with industry on problems where our solutions deliver a real and measurable impact to their businesses. Our researchers have years of experience working with industry and to date, we have interacted with over 1,000 companies across a diverse range of sectors including retail, leisure, tourism, housing, education & training, property, professional services, energy, agriculture, IT and manufacturing services because our researchers work across different industries, often we can see potential opportunities for translating what works in one industry to another.

Through a range of collaborative and contract research models we deliver business technology management solutions to industry challenges. RIKON conducts collaborative and contract research projects in two primary areas Business Innovation and future Industry Analysis.


Collaborative Research Services

Through numerous funding streams, RIKON has collaborated with hundreds of companies and re-imagined how they do business better and take your business to the next level.


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Contract Research Services

RIKON has an extensive resource and expertise that industry can avail of to work on specific contracted projects


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