Funding Mechanism

Funding Mechanism 

RIKON has five primary funding streams for industry. Below we detail the process involved in securing funding and a link to the relevant Enterprise Ireland funding page for more detailed information.

Regardless of the funding stream, At RIKON we treat the application process as a collaboration and write the application with you. We have funding experts that will take the hassle out of the application process.

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers:  Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider.

Enterprise Ireland Innovate



Funding Mechanism Enterprise Ireland RIKON


Innovation Vouchers worth €5,000 are available to assist a company or companies to explore a business opportunity or problem with a registered knowledge provider -100% funded. 


Enterprise Ireland E-Marketing Assignment: Under Enterprise Ireland’s Business Process Improvement Grant client companies can apply for grant support to undertake an e-Marketing Improvement Assignment. This support is designed to assist senior managers in client companies to maximise the opportunities presented by the Internet as a business development channel.




EI Clients - RIKON

e-Marketing Improvement assignments are designed to develop and enhance your company’s capability to use the internet as an effective channel for business development -50% match funded to a max of €70,000.

Enterprise Ireland Business Innovation:  TBC

Business Innovation Funding

Check Out RIKON’s Business Innovation Services (Link to the Business Innovation Page)

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnerships:  Innovation Partnerships were developed to allow participating companies to benefit from collaboration with Irish Research Institutes in long projects, in terms of growth, evolution of strategic research and development and the creation of new knowledge that can use to generate commercial advantage.


Enterprise Ireland - Innovation Partnership Programme


















The Innovation Partnership Programme can provide up to 80% of the cost of research work to develop new and improved products, processes or services, or generate new knowledge and know-how.

Check Out RIKON’s Innovation Partnership Services (Link to the Innovation Partnership Page)

Direct funding:  Companies can pay RIKON-WIT directly from their Research and Development budget.  Project work can be scheduled immediately.

Direct Funding Process Enterprise Ireland RIKON

Check Out RIKON’s Innovation Partnership Services 

To discuss any of these funding options or to scope a project in more detail, please contact our business development team

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