Digital Transformation

The digital economy is not new, however, what is new is that digital is becoming more prominent in how we communicate, engage and sell to our customers. With this comes challenges and opportunities and has triggered an era of Digital Transformation.

At RIKON we can enable a digital transformation within your organisation.

The Internet and digital marketing provides some of the most cost-effective customer communication channels for businesses of all sizes. Choosing how and where to incorporate digital marketing into your business activities will vary for every company, depending on your industry, product offering, value proposition, resources, capabilities and target market; the one constant is that no business can afford to ignore or take their web presence lightly.

Our Digital Transformation team helps companies identify the gaps between where they are now and where they are going and how to get there. Our team is focused on helping clients across all sectors exploit the Internet as a route to market and to assist them in developing a strategy that will shape how they do business online. We provide a range of services including online channel reviews, customer engagement and internationalisation strategies and we liaise with third-party developers to ensure our clients get the maximum return on investment

Digital Transformation

At RIKON we focus on three main areas; business strategy, mechanisms for customer/client engagement and client’s digital presence.

Our Digital Transformation services will assist you to:

  • Develop outbound marketing strategies
  • Facilitate the development of a digital strategy which include:
    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Social media advertising
    • Social media planning
    • Content Marketing
    • Email marketing
  • Provide data review to allow them to draw insights from collected customer data in order to make decisions
  • Measure ROI from digital marketing activities
  • Plan better solutions for optimisation of your online performance

The Benefits Of Working With RIKON:

  • Enhanced understanding of your company’s completive advantage
  • A digital transformation strategy that is embedded in your organisation.
  • Richer engagement with your audience
  • Increased website conversions for B2B and B2C
  • Targeted online advertising campaigns
  • Maximising return on investment
  • Optimise the productivity and efficiency of your website
  • Increase traffic to all platforms
  • Enhance customer usability and experience


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