Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the application of a combination of methodologies and tools used to lower operating cost, reduce inventory whilst increasing efficiency to ensure better quality. RIKON understand systems and the technologies that support these systems. Over the years RIKON have combined internal expertise from technologists, business analysts, lean practitioners and process technicians in order to provide an enterprise wide solution to achieve excellence for our clients.

RIKON use a range of tools across the 5 areas of Enterprise Excellence, some of which are depicted below;


Process Improvement Tools VOC; VOB; Business Process Mapping; Design; Takt Time & Cycle time; Bottle Neck Analysis; Waste Analysis Flow; 6S; TPM (total productive maintenance) OEE (availability, performance, quality) SMED; Andon (immediate issues); 7 Quality Tools
Business Systems Design Tools6 Sigma; Layout; Business Analysis; Ishikawa diagram; Route Cause Analysis; PDCA (plan, do, check, act); FMEA (failure, mode, effects, analysis); Visual Factory; DMAIC; Measurement Systems; QMS; Performance Management; Standard Work
Strategy and Leadership ToolsManagement for Daily Improvement; Gemba Walks; KPI’s; KBI’s; SMART; Huddles; Action led meetings; Leadership Triangle; Leader Standard Work; Policy Deployment
Data Enablement ToolsData Asset Log; Data Architecture; Data Visualisation; Data Requirement Assessment; Tech Stack Scorecarding; Data Management Log


RIKON, with key process improvement experts assist companies to identify the changes required to enhance operations and facilitate the process of change within that company.

  • Would you like to release capacity  internally to generate new sales?
  • Do you need to improve the impact to your customers ?
  • Are you struggling to meet customer demand?
  • Do you need to streamline your internal processes ?
  • Do you need to maximise the value of content/data and improve the ROI ?
  • Do you want to achieve higher quality and reduce errors ?
  • Would you like to create long-term cost-effectiveness,  to scale your organisation?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then RIKON can help you.

We have a team of  process and lean experts available to assist with your requirements.  Our team have over 10 years experience in  lean consultancy  and enterprise excellence with SMEs and MLEs who wanted to scale and expand their business. This has  included adhoc consultancy, training to enhance existing teams’ capability, right through to providing fully managed analysis and optimisation programmes that have allowed real transformation. With this approach we can provide the optimal value based on the individual attributes of a business rather than just deliver solutions that overlap with existing capability.

Our Operational Excellence services will assist you to:

  • Introduce real cost savings
  • Provide visual clarity for you team surrounding roles and responsibilities
  • Increase productivity by streamlining and removing bottlenecks
  • Increase process quality through standard works
  • Enable the data in your processes to drive process improvement and real time viability
  • Reduction in waste and concentration on value add tasks
  • Enhance decision making capability
  • Better internal structure
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