Enterprise Technology Optimisation (ETO)


With the growing pervasiveness of technology in business operations, there are very few scenarios whereby  it is not being leveraged by companies for enhanced business performance. We are in a paradigm shift as the focus for organisations has moved from technology implementation, to how technology is utilised and managed to drive competitive advantage and profitability.

RIKON combines our management consulting expertise with our technical knowledge to assist internal company teams in maximising their technology investment to drive business growth and create more efficient processes for enhanced productivity. At RIKON we understand the complexity involved in integrating people, process and technology to achieve your organisations goals. So, we take the time to understand how your business operates and devise effective and customised technology strategies and consulting services to enable process efficiency based on your business goals.

Our ETO  Services include:

Developing an effective innovation and technology strategy can be a complex process because it involves future scenario planning. At RIKON, our BizTech strategists have the expertise and tools to work with your company’s business and technology leads to develop a “strategic vision” of what your company is trying to achieve and ensure that you have a set of robust and flexible processes supported by the right technologies.

Our aim is to enable you to assess you current strategy and operational processes, map your requirements and reframe these strategies and processes to optimise business performance.

Our Enterprise Technology Optimisation consultants will assist you to:

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