Welcome to the Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence

Enabling Ireland as a Global Leader in Lean Enterprise and Operational Excellence


The Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence is led by Darrin Taylor and Aidan Walsh, and involves a number of faculty who lecture and/or Lean Enterpriseresearch in areas related to Lean. It has as its senior advisor Professor Peter Hines, Visiting Professor at the RIKON Centre, Business School

The Academy brings together industry, policy and academia to develop high quality and actionable research that advances the literature on lean thinking and practice, and that can be applied within public and private organisations and across all services and manufacturing sectors to enable and sustain lean enterprise excellence.


Our mission is the advancement of a lean enterprise excellence ecosystem, combining education, research, practice, and knowledge-exchange, that enables a research-based and knowledge-led community of learning and practice deliver value to the long-term competitiveness and sustainability of organisations.


The Academy contributes to this national industry-academia community of learning and practice that encourages a collaborative approach to continuous improvement, lean management, process thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and value creation. Through individual autonomy, collegiality, and industry and State engagement, each faculty member, researcher, and student is given the opportunity to develop themselves as practitioners and researchers, and to make contributions to lean thinking and practice regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The objectives of the Academy

Academic Research

Our research seeks to develop leading-edge thinking and solutions that are of direct relevance to practice and focuses on a number of key research areas for manufacturing and service companies: lean; process, operational, and enterprise excellence; continuous improvement; change management; employee engagement; behaviours; supply/demand/value chain management.

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Applied Research

Through its Lean Practitioner Seminar Series, the Academy brings together Lean and Continuous Improvement practitioners with the purpose of sharing experience, knowledge, expertise, and good practices. Such industry-academia and intra-industry collaboration has been hugely well-received as it enables those practicing lean in public and private organisations, and across all services and manufacturing sectors, to meet on a regular basis and exchange their applied knowledge and experiences with their industry peers.

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Lean Enterprise & Operational Excellence Programme Portfolio

The SETU Business School offers a portfolio of executive/practitioner education programmes that have been developed by The Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence in collaboration with industry.

These programmes are designed to meet identified industry needs for discrete knowledge, know-how, and skills in continuous improvement and lean enterprise/operational/process excellence in public and private organisations, and across all services and manufacturing sectors.

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