Business Impact

RIKON R LogoA survey of our customers listed the following impacts from interacting with our business consultants:

Customer Satisfaction 

Fact: 100% of companies stated that RIKON provided quality content in relation to and in support of their business goals and objectives

Fact: 95% of companies were satisfied with the delivery of a coherent strategy for the organisation moving forward

Fact: 94 % of companies stated that we exceed the expectations of the project.

Fact: 100% of companies stated that they have a better understanding of how to address the key challenges within their sector

Direct Business Impact

Fact: 100% of companies stated that RIKON helped their company grow.

Fact: 94% of companies increased their market reach.

Fact: 78% increased revenue through new business models.

Fact: 89% reported that brand equity grew as a result of engagement

Fact: 50 % of companies increased their employee numbers as a direct project effect.

Fact: 70% of companies stated a direct impact on skills enhancement

Fact: 83% of companies saw an increase in customer engagement on their platforms

Indirect Business Impact

Fact: 100% companies stated that RIKON embedded knowledge into their organisations that they can take and utilise in future scenarios.

Fact: 100% of companies saw the value in accessing Third Level knowledge

Fact: 100% of companies would consider engaging knowledge providers such as RIKON in the future

Fact: 67% of companies engaged actually fostered and developed a strategic collaboration opportunity to assess through the project.


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