Digital Agency expanding into UX Design to grow Service Offering Case Study

Company Background

Ireland Website Design is a full service digital agency that prides itself on building lasting relationships with an impressive portfolio of national and international clients. The team working with founder Nick Butler set themselves apart from traditional web design companies by offering a holistic service that allows them to get fully acquainted with client companies, understanding their own strengths and challenges, before applying these learnings to their clients’ customers entire User Experience.

The Innovation

The growing role of eCommerce coupled with a trend towards a sharper focus on UX design, led the company to explore their options in fulfilling a niche in this area – while building on existing interests and strengths of team members for the UX process. Developing this side of the business would coincide with a new website and brand launch and move them further towards the model of client partnership, a core value proposition for future growth of the company.

User Experience

New Service Design Challenge

RIKON set about exploring how Ireland Website Design would incorporate elements of UX such as usability testing into their existing service delivery model. Exploration was required to test whether there was an active existing network and how the business could compete with established market leaders. Once a viable opportunity was established, RIKON explored the process element of offering the new service – elements such as participant interaction, existing market tools and a hybrid model of implementation. Discussions around internal resources helped to provide clarity on the scope of the new service offered.

Ireland Design Website

“Roadmap for Success”

Usability testing as an added service had surfaced from earlier engagements between the company and RIKON. The challenge for the second innovation voucher was to fully interrogate the market potential for the service, and, more importantly, how the team at Ireland Website Design would incorporate it into the existing offering. The research by the team at RIKON helped to show how it could be implemented in a practical sense, how large blue chip companies are availing of the service, how competitors are offering the service, and what sectors are optimal for targeting. These insights encouraged the company as to the potential of the market and highlighted existing capabilities and interests in UX design.

Nick Butler, Founder, Ireland Website Design

“Working initially with Richard from RIKON to develop our business model on Voucher one we were able to successfully identify user testing as a new service that could work well for our existing setup. In Voucher two we worked with Mary Clare to develop this idea further, carrying out some market research into the demand for user testing and to review the existing players in the market and what they offered. We looked at tools to help implement the service, researched competitor pricing and how we could differentiate ourselves. Mary Clare provided a deliverable in the end that pointed out what steps would need to be taken to implement the service fully from our side. We now have a road map for success. At the moment, our team is working on developing this new and exciting service and expect to have a fully working offering in the market for the first quarter of 2018. We have yet to see how successful this new venture will be for Ireland Website Design however we are optimistic and excited about the potential it may have. Thanks for everything RIKON”

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