Realising e-commerce potential through the development of Brand Identity Case Study

The Company

In-Health Logo

InHealth is Ireland’s leading online destination for all things beauty, pregnancy and fertility related. The company offers a one-stop shop through six online stores supplying products related to cosmetics, hair, nails, tanning, skincare, pregnancy, maternity and everything beauty. The company’s core strength of sourcing and selling on eCommerce has propelled it to a position of prominence over competitors given their strong value propositions of high quality, competitive prices and speedy delivery. These attributes along with an agile work practice also offer huge potential in terms of diversification beyond its current offering and into new sectors and markets.

The Brief

InHealth has built a reputation as a go-to brand for women and mums on a journey from fertility investigation right through to premium beauty products. As an Irish company, there is potential to copper fasten their hold on a busy market segment while diversifying to allow for new opportunities at home and internationally. The challenge for the company was to interrogate their existing strategy, which had, to date, been quite reactionary and to develop a coherent plan that would allow for a diversified and sustainable business model into the future.

The Approach

RIKON’s involvement with InHealth began with a comprehensive review of the existing company websites, their origins and their relevance to the overall business model. It was quickly identified that the key to future diversification would be to allow for the separation and consolidation of each individual core brand with its own vision and value proposition.  Into the future products would only be listed if they adhered to the overall brand vision.  A series of interactive sessions with RIKON allowed the team at InHealth to explore a more customer centric approach. The development of a suite of well-defined brands will ultimately allow the company to diversify into new sectors or engage in new product development which can then be rolled out under a trusted national brand name.

The Result

  • Segmentation of existing brands with bespoke value propositions, customer segments and channels to allow for the establishment of distinct brands with distinct identities
  • Recommendations for improved branding, product categorisation and aesthetics of existing product suite
  • Identification of a core new channels for future business model diversification
  • A mapped-out strategy for future product adoption
  • Design thinking approach to customer centric websites – an emphasis on end-user needs, in place of reactionary product adoption


Daryl Divilly, Owner, In-Health

With the assistance of RIKON our business was able to realise some of the hidden potential and more importantly cross functionally align our business. It has been a worthwhile project and the team’s guidance and structured approach brought to a head a few key issues. We took the tasks very seriously and understood the vision for our company was a journey that has many twists and turns but the path you choose needs to remain the core focus.

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