Lead Generation Strategy Boosts Local Business' Growth Case Study

JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd.

JL Cooling Solutions

JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd. is a Kilkenny based deliverer of full mechanical services pertaining to room cooling and specifically to the industrial and commercial sectors based throughout Ireland. An additional element to the business is the sale and rental of evaporative air cooling systems. JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd. sell market-leading cooling systems for factories, bakeries and hotels as a way of neutralising excessive heat presented by machinery and general conditions at these locations.

The Challenge

The company director had made a significant investment in a company website used to display the products and services that he makes available. He felt that he was not getting enough value from his website and it was practically “invisible” when people searched for the products and services in which he supplied.

RIKON’s Assistance

RIKON conducted a one-on-one session with the company director and listened to what he thought the strengths and challenges were to his business, what channels he had been utilising to drive leads and sales up to that point and where he thought there was opportunity for growth going forward.

RIKON took the above information and conducted intense secondary research into the other sellers within this sector, what channels they were using and where there was opportunity available.

The Strategy

SEO, LinkedIn

RIKON’s advised strategy was to encourage lead-building within the parameters of the already created website and this advised plan had a long-term and immediate-term approach.

The immediate-term approach was to utilise paid adverting to entice relevant and in-market web searchers to click on the advert and then get those users to land on a relevant page on the website.  RIKON advised JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd. specifically on utilising Google Search Ads and sponsored content through LinkedIn. RIKON’s advised strategy included keyword selection strategies, what bidding strategy it should utilise and important elements to copy-writing that would be vital to any campaign’s success.

The longer-term strategy advised to JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd. was to focus on optimising its website for search engines ensuring that it was updating any elements of its website that it had direct control over. RIKON’s strategy included advice on free and paid for tools which were available and when would be best to utilise such tools.

The Result

Upon JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd. utilising the advised strategy it saw an immediate increase in relevant traffic come to its website as well as a significant increase in lead-generation compared to times prior to the strategy being utilised.

John Lawton of JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions Ltd.:

“I am pleased to recommend the services of RIKON for any small business. I found them to be professional and they provided me with advice and service that I would otherwise would not have had. I feel my business has the potential to prosper following my interaction with RIKON.”

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