Rafter's Gastro Pub - Segment Analysis Case Study

Rafter’s Gastro Pub

Rafter’s Gastro Pub is a Kilkenny City Centre pub, lunch destination and accommodation provider. It’s located at the very heart of The Marble County – only a five-minute walk from Kilkenny Castle and close to the other amazing features of the city.

Rafter’s Gastro Pub boasts fourteen beautiful newly renovated rooms ideal for anybody seeking a convenient, well-located and great-priced accommodation.

The Challenge

Rafter’s Gastro Pub had been finding it difficult to fully understand its core customer segments – how, when and why they were interacting with the company.

Before considering a string of renovations to the building and its surrounding areas e.g. its beer garden the company needed to know EXACTLY who its core customers were. They needed to build for its customers.

The company also needed to fully understand the competitive landscape. How other accommodation providers positioned themselves, how they took accommodation bookings and understanding how they interfaced with their potential customers.

The Solution Provided

RIKON took a series of steps to conduct a mega-trend and micro-environment analysis of the Kilkenny area, its hotels, guesthouses and B & Bs.

Further to this, RIKON used a series of online tools to analyse its core segments. This included demographic, psychographic, geographic and behavioural factors.

Success For The Rafter’s Gastro Pub

Recently – Rafter’s Gastro Pub won Small Business of the Year at the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce Kilkenny Business Awards 2021.


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