Using business model innovation to capitalise on opportunities and hidden strengths Case Study

Software Support Group Ltd. is a leading provider of business software solutions for SMEs in Ireland and abroad. The company’s management have over thirty years’ experience delivering solutions to organisations of all sizes across a range of industries, with a particular focus on the construction industry.

Software Support Group Ltd. are Irish partners with Microsoft and for Maximizer CRM and Advanced Business Manager ERP software.

The Challenge

Software Support Group Ltd. wanted to utilise RIKON’s business model innovation service as a way to evaluate the feasibility of a new solution aimed at one of the Construction verticals.   The research was aimed at exploring the new product’s potential with reference to proposed or existing legislation, economic, social and technological factors and likely traction with the industry.

RIKON’s Assistance     

RIKON conducted a thorough analysis of market conditions, economic growth indicators, and any existing competing / substitute products available in the market, with a particular focus on the territories in which SSG are interested in promoting the proposed new product.


Through the RIKON research SSG were provided with detailed information on market challenges, legislative considerations, growth potential and how they could influence the performance of the product when going to market.  RIKON’s competitive analysis gave Software Support Group Ltd. insight into how precisely it should tailor its product to best suit the market place.    

“We are delighted that we undertook this project with RIKON. Their staff provided very detailed information and with their guidance we delved in to market factors that we hadn’t previously considered.

This has been an incredibly useful exercise and we plan to incorporate the substantial feedback both in to our product development and marketing efforts.

We would wholeheartedly recommend RIKON to anyone considering such a Market Research project.”

Oliver O’Kelly, SSG

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