The Value of a Lean Approach to Processes Case Study


Founded by David Griffith, Panoptic IT provide a range of managed IT and Web Development Services to businesses from the retail, hospitality and tourism sectors from their offices in Kilkenny and Cork. David identified that growing from a sole trader to a multi-site business required a rethink of internal processes used in the service delivery from the first point of customer contact through the delivery lifecycle.

With the assistance of Enterprise Ireland Panoptic IT engaged RIKON as a partner in this process.


Panoptic IT Ltd required RIKON’s skills and assistance to enable them to radically redesign their business processes in order to;

  • Achieve improvements in their bottom-line profitability
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve efficiency and productivity



  • Process Mapping

Though a series of workshops facilitated by RIKON, maps of existing processes, from quotation to project completion, were created. Initial brown paper maps were transformed into a digital representation of the AS IS situation. Gaps and opportunities to improve were identified and countermeasures considered. Lean visual management tools such as A3s were introduced together with root cause analysis using the 5 Whys technique. These contributed to the creation of a digital map of the “To Be” process.  Incorporating initiatives such as regular team stand-up meetings into the work environment will help to communicate progress and reinforce continuous improvement into the future.

  • Web Development Delivery

Coached through the process of process mapping and armed with Lean tools, David was able to take the To Be process and apply it to Web Development delivery. The skills learned proved invaluable in working the Web Development delivery team to clarify responsibilities, organise work flows and progress reporting – resulting in significant productivity savings. To date in 2019 it has contributed to a 17% increase to the bottom line for Web Development.

David Griffith, Managing Director, Panoptic IT Solutions

RIKON really helped my company by working with us to clearly visualise our current internal processes so that we could see the gaps and the steps that need to be taken to get us to the next level.

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