COVID-19 Update: RIKON Is Providing Business Continuity Support

In the last few weeks, it has been amazing to see the resilience and the adaption of companies and people to the COVID 19 environment and finding new and innovative ways of working and utilising technologies.

However, we know that Irish companies are facing significant challenges and we have been working closely with our client organisations helping them tackle and respond to an array of issues such as crisis management, lean, process optimisation & re-engineering, supply chain resilience, rapid strategizing, scenario planning & business model innovation and preparing for ramp up post crisis.


With the welfare of our clients and staff paramount, the RIKON team have adapted our ways of working too, which have enabled us to continue to provide much needed business continuity supports to our client organisations.

· Lean Business Continuity Voucher: Enterprise Ireland and Údarás na Gaeltachta clients (including High Potential Start-ups) can access up to €2,500 in training or advisory services support related to the continued operation of their businesses during the current pandemic. As an approved supplier, RIKON can assist companies in Crisis response, Sustaining Operations including process re-engineering (Lean, etc), and Planning for resilience post crisis.

· Business Model Innovation and Scenario Planning: In the last few weeks, business models have been upended and there has been an imperative to digitally transform the way we work. Our team have been working with our client organisations in terms of developing realistic scenario plans, strategies and adapting business models for actual and potential risks.

· Digital and On-line Marketing: Due to social distancing, online has become a vital channel for businesses to conduct their operations. RIKON provides a range of services including online channel reviews, customer engagement and internationalisation strategies and we liaise with third party developers to ensure our clients get the maximum return on investment.

· On-Line Training, Coaching and Consultancy: In response to social distancing and isolation, we are now digitally transforming our places of work, education and home. At RIKON, we have the expertise, technology and collaboration tools to support our clients remotely through online training, coaching and consulting.

RIKON is here to help and our team continue to work collaboratively and innovatively with clients and the business community at large to see how we can best support you. We can also provide you with practical assistance and with applications for state funding you might be entitled to in these areas. RIKON has a very strong pedigree in supporting businesses through times of change for over twenty years. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you in this challenging time.

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