Lean Business Ireland Awards 2022

Lean Business Ireland Awards 2022

The Annual Lean Business Ireland Awards 2022 took place at Croke Park on Thursday 29 September 2022 in what was a wonderful event and awards ceremony held in person.

The LBI Awards recognise and celebrate the endeavour of Irish-based organisations in Lean, Continuous Improvement, and Enterprise and Operational Excellence.

Lean Business Ireland (LBI) Chairperson, Darrin Taylor, Co-Lead of the Academy of Lean Enterprise Excellence at South East Technological University RIKON Research Centre, formally opened the event and welcomed the 360 attendees from organisations from all across the island of Ireland.

Darrin stated that “Ireland is the island of excellence” – unique in global terms – and noted that we are viewed internationally with great respect and admiration for the extent and depth of togetherness embodied within our national Lean community of learning and practice and wider Continuous Improvement ecosystem.

Speaking of the generosity of spirit, collegiality, and collaboration integral to the Lean Business Ireland community of learning and practice, Darrin said that such community spirit undoubtedly underpins what makes Ireland that island of excellence, and which enables our national productivity and competitiveness.

Darrin went on to note that “knowledge exchange and learning – and most importantly their purposeful integration and application – are at the heart of our LBI community… that they are essential to enabling the robustness, resilience, agility, and adaptability increasingly required of individuals and organisations… they are critical to the systemic integration of next-generation technologies and digital transformation… and they are enablers of the sustainable development goals and circular economy thinking and practice at the core of contemporary organisations”.

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Photo of SETU colleagues attending the LBI Awards 2022 L-R:

  • Dr Derek Sinnott
  • Dr Pat Lynch
  • Professor Felicity Kelliher
  • Mr Darrin Taylor

Lean Business Ireland Awards 2022