WIT Presidents PhD/Research Masters Co-Fund Scholarship

WIT Presidents PhD/Research Masters Co-Fund Scholarship

RIKON invites interested parties to apply for the WIT Presidents PhD/ Research Masters Co-Fund Scholarship Programme. Submissions of interest can be made to RIKON using the form below on this page.

This programme has been designed and created to promote and support the application of knowledge. Scholarships are awarded to parties on a competitive basis and any research proposal should be aligned with WIT’s strategic objectives which could be read here:

Any award will be made on the basis of excellence and funding being available at that time.

At the end of the project, the PhD/Research Masters researcher will gain workplace skills and a degree by research. The enterprise benefits from high value and in-depth research in an area closely aligned with its strategic interests.


Eligible Enterprise Partners may be based anywhere in the world. An Enterprise Partner can be an established business/company (including Small and medium-sized enterprises and Multi-National Companies); a registered charity, a social, cultural or not-for-profit or non-governmental organisation; a semi-state commercial organisation; a Government Department; a statutory agency; or a Research Performing Organisation (RPO) that will CoFund the researcher for the duration of the award.


Where appropriate, the Enterprise Partner is encouraged to provide a placement period for the scholar at its facilities. This will be agreed upon with WIT and the Academic Supervisor before the Scholarship commences.

The Enterprise Partner will nominate an Enterprise Mentor to work with the Scholar and their Academic Supervisor, to offer advice and to create a link with the Enterprise Partner’s activities. Contact should be maintained between the Enterprise Mentor and the Scholar throughout the duration of the Scholarship.

The Enterprise Mentor must also contribute to the development of the scholar’s training and career development plan.

WHAT ARE THE FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS? The committed costs from the Enterprise Partner perspective are €10,750 per year.

The scholarship is valued at €86,000, 50% funded by WIT and 50% funded by the Enterprise Partner. The scholarship covers academic fees for 4 years, a yearly stipend of €15,000 and project-related expenses of €2,000 per annum, which provides for a very attractive offering to recruit high calibre scholars.

The Enterprise Partner contribution consists of one half of the total value of the scholarship (a minimum contribution of €10,750 per annum). This forms part of the scholarship and is not in addition to the scholarship.



An open innovation approach to problem-solving.

Access to state-of-the-art equipment with expert analysis and results interpretation.

A unique approach to addressing research challenges of relevance to your organisation.

Access to new knowledge and support the development for your current and potential future highly skilled workforce.

Develop networks with top research experts in your enterprise sector.

Gain access to the latest research infrastructure available at WIT.

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