6 Technologies Small Business Owners Should Consider Using Today

6 Technologies Small Business Owners Should Consider Using Today

Past few years have seen businesses becoming more and more confident with the adoption of new technology and more open-minded about taking on new challenges and opportunities that it presents.  

Data Security 

Since the introduction of GDPR it has become the number one technology small businesses need to take a serious look at in today’s world of malware and breaches. Irish businesses are still trying to navigate the world of data protection with many of them not compliant with new regulation. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  

Interacting and engaging with your customers is a crucial part of any business. Many businesses realise it and actively invest into CRM in order to not just get knowledge, but also to build relationship with their customers. This has shown to considerably boost customer satisfaction and retention. 

Mobile Applications    

Very few small or medium businesses in Ireland are using or plan to use mobile business applications in the near future. While it is true that not all businesses will benefit from the mobile app, some certainly do but mistakenly dismiss it as not something they can take advantage of. Take some time and really think if your business can benefit from it. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is known to make organizations more scalable and agile — many businesses call it a critical component. 

If your house data filing system and budget is strained, the cloud can help release some of that pressure. 


Even though many small businesses cannot provide 24/7 online support to their customers due to lack of resources, having that option on the website can boost your email database and help to stay abreast of customers’ issues and frustrations. 


Email is the perfect tool for those small businesses that want to grow – it’s relatively cheap and provides a direct avenue to your desired customer segments. Flexibility, ease of use and effectiveness that email marketing offers cannot be underestimated.