Have you adapted your marketing to technology?

Have you adapted your marketing to technology?

With the rapid developments in the technology in the past 10 years, marketers have had to adapt to the ever changing and evolving landscape of the advertising field. The opportunities are plenty, but so are the challenges. 

So what does that mean for your company? 

  • Knowing your audience is crucial 

It has never been easier to get your name in front of the people you want to see it. With the constant development and improvement to Internet search algorithms and advertising functionalities, marketers can target the exact customer segments they desire, exact age group, and in the exact geographical location. Some websites like LinkedIn and Facebook have options to even target people by their jobs or hobbies. All of that at very reasonable prices, which are affordable to even small businesses. 

There is absolutely no excuse to not getting your name out there. 

  • Engagement, engagement, engagement 

Advertising is no longer a one-way street where marketers give and consumers take. Today the name of the game is “engagement”. Even the dullest of products and services can generate a certain level of interest if the businesses design their campaign with a focus on engaging with their target segments. 

By being active on blogs, social media, through newsletters, providing customers with the chat options on your website and other engagement tools, you can create a very beneficial communication channels between yourself and your customers. 

  • Word of Mouth 2.0 

Word of mouth has taken on a new whole meaning with the rise of social media and the development of mobile technology. Creating a share-worthy content online and offline should be a priority when developing a content marketing campaign. 

Your offline channels and activity is just important as the online ones. With the vast majority of people using camera phones, anything you say, sell, or do can end up online, even if you were not planning on it. 

  • Do you trust me? 

There is no more room for dishonest and misguided promises – they are not only not tolerated anymore, but are very dangerous for the businesses. With the emergence of social media, consumers no longer have to trust every word that comes out from the official statements. 

Rise of “influencers”, some of whom have massive followings, has created an industry of its own, which can often elevate or destroy a brand. It is certainly a smart idea to forge positive relationships with the communities in your industry, but it is an even better idea to build trust in your brand by delivering on your promises and customers expectations. 

  • No one and everyone is unique at the same time. 

Innovate. Consumers today are being bombarded and overwhelmed by a constant stream of advertising, promotions, information about new and upcoming products, etc. The service or product itself is no longer enough to keep shoppers interested. It needs to be presented in a fresh, innovative and even unique way. 

Technology can present many tools to marketers in order to differentiate their product from the rest of the competition. It’s just a matter of creativity and inspiration.