Applied Research

Our Marketers are passionate about designing effective marketing campaigns that are customised to the needs of our industry partners. Over the years, RIKON has developed significant experience working with firms of all sizes and across numerous industry to design new service or customer experience journey or developing a marketing plan or creating a brand or launching a new website or transforming their digital presence. RIKON’s experienced researchers will develop insights that work for our industry partners because the solutions are practically derived.

  • RIKON is currently employed by numerous organisations both nationally and internationally to design marketing strategies that will deliver real competitive advantage to the clients. Our marketing researchers and strategist work together on numerous projects such as:
    • Gather market research insights in to consumer behaviour
    • Profiling users and end customers
    • Developing market models
    • Creating new positioning strategies
    • Design new services
    • Co-creating innovative experiences
    • Developing marketing plans

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