Creative Identities; A New Series of Public Forum Talks

Venue: Garter Lane

Time: 7.30- 9.00pm

Date: 14th – 15th November Design and Science Week 2017

Creative Identities; Pat Lynch

A collaborative initiative between ‘Creativity and Culture Research Group CCRG-WIT’ and ‘Garter Lane Arts Centre’ and follow-on from the highly successful first event on Identity and Well-being. Two further events are being rolled out on the 14-15th of November 2017. In celebrating design week / science week, it brings together designers, scientists, architects, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, developers, artists, developers, musicians, poets, sociologists, film makers and environmentalists.

Design and Science Week

These events will consider different aspects of how creativity and innovation interact with people as individuals and as a community at large. Leading innovators and experienced creatives will present their take on how a sense of identity manifests itself in an urban centre like Waterford.

The first of the public forum talks in October addressed Identity and Well-being with:

  • Edel Tobin outlining the steps to founding the Waterford Walls and Patterns of Light projects and with Sarah Jane Hanton talking to gender community and creativity in enterprise.
  • Richard Seabrooke founder of the, Co-Founder Offset. Creative Director, Modern Green and WIT design graduate expanded on his career over thirty years and how central to every endeavor is the desire to fill a gap that is not there.
  • Kim Mackenzie Doyle: President, Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI), Partner HUB Controls, explained why she wanted to be a designer which touched on science along a personal journey that has included product design; education; entrepreneurship and an outreach to encourage everyone to have a work/life balance across gender and cultural divides.
  • Chaired by Dr. Pat LynchWIT– School of Business and Director of RIKON, the proceedings concluded on the note that doing your research and beginning even out of fear is a common position for all innovators and that this can promote opportunities in surprising places.

For more information click here – Creative Identities Web Press Nov2017.