How to develop your channels when starting a new business

How to develop your channels when starting a new business

Starting your own business is exciting for many reasons, one of which is the possibility of new opportunities and the beginning of something new. However, every beginning requires a strong foundation and developing robust communication channels is a part of it. 

Being a start-up, no-one knows about you, you have very obscure reputation and limited customer-base. By investing time and effort to design and create your own communication channel strategy you are opening your new business up for a much-needed brand exposure, networking opportunities, and engagement with your target market. 

Here are five steps to creating a long-term sustainable channel strategy: 

Identify suitable platforms 

It might be tempting to simply create a website and a Facebook account, but think for a second: do you need them? You very well might, but do you? Many businesses make a mistake of utilizing communication channels and techniques, which are completely not suitable for them just because “you are supposed to be there”. It is a little bit more complex than that. Think of what goals each platform and method will help you accomplish and only utilize those that present actual value to you. 

Develop a strategy for each platform 

Establishing the ways, you want to communicate to your target audience is only the first step. Most often, businesses utilize several channels, but some of them make a mistake and adopt a “one size fits all” approach, which results in an ineffective content marketing strategy. No social media platform or marketing tool is the same. Try to utilize them to their full potential. 

Spend money 

It might be something you don’t want to hear, but truth is, if you want to develop your digital presence and increase market share, you need to invest. Whether it is Google Adwords, Facebook or LinkedIn advertisement, email subscription pop-ups on your website, or the development of the website itself – it will cost you money. However, don’t be discouraged! Most of these services are very cost-efficient and you can significantly boost your digital presence with relatively moderate spending. 


Whether it is paid or unpaid campaign, make sure to analyse the effectiveness and user responses. There is no point in continuing sending out emails every Sunday at 1pm if click-rate is 0%. There is clearly something wrong. However, without analysing it you will never find out. Make it a routine to encourage feedback and go through the numbers and responses on a regular basis. 

Don’t be afraid to fail 

Another line that you will probably not like to hear but experimenting and trying out new platforms will occasionally lead to failure. But that’s ok. Only by learning what works and what doesn’t for your business will you ever get to the actual positive results. In fact, don’t just fail – fail fast! Failure is not an option. It is a necessity. 

Whatever business you decide to start, remember that for people to purchase your product or service, they have to know about you first. Don’t be shy, get yourself out there and announce it. It won’t be long until you see the results.