Five ways to keep your employees happy

Five ways to keep your employees happy

No matter how well-established or successful your business might be, it can’t function without people. Happy staff is the key to a long-term sustainable growth. It is truly a difference-maker between winning and losing. 

So, how do you keep your staff happy? Let’s take a look at these five ways. 

Family culture 

Introducing a culture, where employees feel that the company belongs to them, is their home and truly care about what they do, is a great way of improving both morale and quality of your products/service. 

Try to make everyone understand the job of the other employees. Switch roles, set-up mentorships, let everyone understand the process and take ownership of it.  

Trust your team 

Very few people don’t get bored and disenchanted doing the same job over many, many years. People enjoy variety and look for new challenges to keep things fresh and interesting. Your staff is no exception. 

It might seem like a risky idea to let your employees to take on new responsibilities and tasks, but it’s a risk you cannot allow yourself not to take if you want to maintain a happy and motivated group. 

Communication is key 

Share your vision and provide an update on the strategic decisions and direction the company is heading with your employees. Let them know that even though its you, who is making big decisions, they are considered to be a vital part of the company and your respect their commitment. Keep them in the loop. 

Show appreciation 

Money matter. They might not be the biggest motivator when it comes to long-term goals, but ultimately, that’s the reason your employees come to work every morning. It is a good practice to provide incremental increases on an annual basis, depending on the outcome of performance review. 

However, don’t get caught up on just the financial aspect of things. Human interaction as praise, promotion, delegation of responsibilities also plays a big role in employees feeling valued and appreciated. 

Perks matter 

Some large companies like Google and Facebook are famous for their progressive ideas of a workplace. While you don’t have to take it to that level, it is a good practice to ensure that people enjoy being at work. 

Things like flexi-time, special days (e.g. pizza-Thursday), casual Fridays, etc. It doesn’t have to be big to make a pleasant difference. 

No matter what your approach is, remember – having happy employees means having happy customers.