Do small businesses rely on technology?

Do small businesses rely on technology?

Technology has become an integral part of business world. But is it just for the big guys with serious funds or anyone who wants to take advantage of it? The answer is the latter. There are now thousands of companies in Ireland using technology extensively, with no sign of slowing down. 

Today, with 97% of people in Ireland owning mobile phones, almost 75% of small business owners say they’re using social media to market their companies and over 40% advertise on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What’s more, two-thirds of SME owners say that they are now using mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, to conduct their day-to-day business operations.  

It clearly shows that a majority of small businesses recognize that customers are increasingly more likely to use their mobile devices to search for products, look for deals and complete purchases. However, many small businesses are still nervous in investing heavily into the software infrastructure, which results in most of their engagement activity being limited to social media and email – two relatively low-risk platforms. 

Not surprisingly, when it comes to mobile platforms, iOs has proven much more popular with small business owners than Android, due to popularity of Apple in Ireland – 64% of those polled said they use Apple’s mobile operating system, compared with just 36% who use Google’s. Worth-noting that the trend continues with the tablets: iPad is being used by more than 50% of owners, opposed to only 18% of Android tablet users. 

Mobile technology is not only being used to connect and engage with the customers, but also help run daily business activities and assists in management. Two thirds of owners admit to extensively using the calendar on their phones, as well as apps like GPS and notifications. It is quickly becoming an essential part of their life. 

Finally, tech insurance is on the rise, as more businesses are becoming increasingly concerned for data protection and safeguarding against potential breaches and hacks. It is safe to say that Irish business owners are not only becoming more tech-savvy, but very smart when it comes to combining their business with the newest technology.