Three tips to better manage millennials in the workplace

Three tips to better manage millennials in the workplace

Millennials are very different to the generations that came before them, especially when we are talking about work and professional growth. It is vital to address generational differences to get a better understanding into millennials motivations and goals. 

One thing all millennials have in common: they want to be a difference maker when it comes to work. It is both good and bad, as managers get very driven and determined employees, but at the same time have to adjust in order to keep them happy. Work is a big part of millennials’ identity and this needs to be taken into account when we start talking about how best to manage them. 

Here are three key points: 

  • Focus on advancement 

Millennials are highly driven and ambitious people – that’s what separates them from previous generations. They are constantly looking for ways to better themselves and advance up the professional ladder. If your organization doesn’t provide advancement opportunities, millennials are not going to stick around for long. 

  • Promote flexible environments 

Flexibility is a magnificent thing when done right. Flexi-time, working from home, freedom of approach in delivering work – they all result in a more happy, motivated and productive team of employees. It might be scary to allow your staff so much freedom, but when it comes to millennials, they perform best when allowed space and room for creativity. 

  • Empower for leadership roles 

Millennials absolutely thrive under pressure and the weight of responsibilities. They crave enhanced duties and are fantastic team leaders. It doesn’t mean they can just jump into the leadership role, but with good mentorship, you will have a great addition to the management team for years to come. 

Millennials are by no means the easiest generation to manage: they are demanding, ambitious, risk-takers, opinionated, and at times confrontational. These challenges are also their strengths, which make them exceptional workers, and it is up to you to get the best out of them.