Tool - Kepner Tregoe Matrix

Kepner Tregoe Matrix

The Kepner Tregoe matrix is a tool used to support organisational decision making. Through a focus on risk assessment and prioritisation, it aims to achieve a course of action or outcome with the least negative consequences. The approach guides users through the setting of objectives, prioritising alternatives, exploring the weaknesses of these alternatives, and ultimately identifying the solution that is ‘best’. Additionally, the method assists with the preparation of plans for problems that may arise as a consequence of the decision made.

There are four major steps in this approach. Situation appraisal: the present situation is clarified and priorities are set; Problem analysis: the problem is defined and its root cause is determined; Decision analysis: a risk analysis is performed for alternative courses of action or solutions; and Potential problem analysis: the best courses of action are analysed and potential problems and responses to minimise their risk are identified.


Kepner Tregoe Matrix

Kepner Tregoe Matrix – Template