Universities and Researchers

RIKON is Ireland’s leading applied Service Innovation and Business Development Research Centre encompassing a multi-disciplinary team of academic and applied researchers and industry-focused business developers. RIKON, as a research group in the Institute’s School of Business plays a key role in South East Technological University’s mission to reach out and add value to industry.

In addition to our work with companies, RIKON is heavily involved in academia and government policy. Researchers at the Centre have published in a wide variety of books, refereed journals and leading international conferences. We have also designed award-winning educational programmes for businesses focused on service innovation and business development. RIKON works with government authorities providing insight and direction to policy-makers on optimising innovation capacity.

To learn more how RIKON-SETU can support your European funding objectives and/or enhance your consortium development please see our Research Service Offerings and our Workpackage Areas of Expertise.

There are many opportunities for collaboration with RIKON in terms of European Research funding, ranging from Interreg programmes to being partners in H2020 collaborative projects.

For more information on EU funding and collaborative projects, please contact Dr. Patrick Lynch), RIKON’s EU Research Programme Manager.